2 days out and day before food log

Meal 1
1slice of toast
1tbsp of PB
1 fiber bar from
1 protein bar from Kroger

Meal 2
4 southwestern egg whites
4 oz lean beef
Bagel half

Meal 3
Pure pro

Meal 4
2 pancakes
1 rice crispy treat
2 scoops whey
1 cup of carbmaster milk

Meal 1
Half English muffin
1 tbsp PB
1 half banana

Meal 2
6oz of chicken
Cup of lettuce
1 English muffin
1 tbsp PB

Meal 3
1 scoop of whey
1\2 cup carbmaster milk

Meal 4
2 rice cakes
1.5 tbsp PB

Meal 5
3 slices of Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

1 gallon before 2


A 4 and a 3 and a depletion we will go

5.5lbs in 4 days…

Too much in my opinion, but that is what I’m down finishing off this ole depletion.

Still 5 lbs up from last years stage weight and plan of getting 2-3lbs back in the next 2 days

The last 2 days of training have been easy with me focusing on hitting every muscle group a few time, just to get some blood moving and to further deplete me of the glycogen stores within. Now you will never reach an absolute zero, but every little bit counts before we start adding these carbs back in.


Tuesday I did 3 sets of everything and Wednesday I did 2 sets of everything

Big Set one

Incline DB Press

Seated Shoulder press

Bent over barbell row

Barbell curls

Barbell French Press


Big Set two

Cable flies

Db lateral Raises

Cable pushdowns

Db curls

*weight was kept light through out, because the last thing that I want to do is get sore this close to show time




227 protein

54.75 fat

29.5 carbs



208 protein

56.69 fat

22.50 carbs

Curious about the food i have been eating, you can check out my INSTAGRAM.

Pretty easy to get through, but so looking forward to getting more carbs back in the body as I have been looking hella flat the past 2 days. Hope to have some good pics for everyone tomorrow.




5 Days away

Yesterday’s log


Squats 4×10

Deadlift 2×5, 1×3

One Arm row 3×10


It was short sweet and just what I needed on my second day of carb depleting.



5 egg white

12 turkey sausage

1 cup carbmaster milk

2 scoops of Iso 100 whey

10oz of chicken

1.5 cups of broccoli

1/2 a cup of 2% mild cheddar cheese


Feeling up and ready! 




6 days away from eternity

I’m on the downhill side of the mountain. Through the darkness and coming in hot.

They won’t believe what I’ve become and the non believers will be silenced by the slender man…


Oh… Hi guys, just spilling a little of what my night-time brain processes. I love being positive and epic speak always appeals to me.

It’s why I dig the dark vibes, the aesthetic absence of light and all that one can create with the mind.


It’s because of this positive mindset that  I get so confused by negative people or worse people who put down/hate on others. Most of us our out here bettering our selves and in doing so hopefully bettering those around us.  Remember that the words you use carry a meaning and that meaning can bring cities down, just imagine what you can do to people. Always let what you have to say to someone process for a minute and make sure the purpose for your words are right and not aimed to bring that person down.

What you probably really came here for now. 6 days away from my show and it’s my carb depleting days.



Meal 1

10 Egg whites

4 Slices of Turkey Bacon

4 pieces of Turkey Sausage

1/4 cup of mild 2% cheddar


Meal 2

2.5 scoops of Iso-100 whey protein

1 cup of  Carbmaster milk


Meal 3

Box of lettuce

1 diced egg

1/4 cup of cheddar cheese

5 oz of chicken

2 TBSP of natty Jif Peanut Butter


Wasn’t bad at all today. We will see how day 2 goes.

Thought in the Dark

People are people, we need to take care of each other.


Your words can either be bricks or wrecking balls. Lets build and not destroy.


6 days from greatness, forward I must move… let’s go


And on the 7th day…

He waits for 7 more.

Body was bumping this morning after all the carbies yesterday.

A little clip from some posing can be found >>>> here on my INSTAGRAM

But anyway, I hit the gym this am for some pumping and posing. Had a good time with the guys and then went on with my day.

If only I were blue

Pretty much kept carbs lite until tonight when I went ABSOLUTELY ham on some cookies. And you know how much I am beating myself up over that… ZERO!!!

I don’t even care, it was at a party with friends (Christmas in July party, btw) and it was a rocking time. If you have prepared correctly, little things like this won’t matter.

I have been low carbs, my waist is the right size and best of all I am holding 9 more lbs than last year. So I couldn’t be more happy and could care less about over indulging this close to show time. I know too many guys this would throw off their game and personally I think the only real damage they are doing could just be avoided with the right mental state about all this. We do this for fun, we prepare AHEAD of time for this.

So anyway, it has come the time for my 4 days of depletion. Carbs will be held to a minimum, fat will remain 40g and protein will get a slight boost to 210g a day.

No extra cardio will be done this week and I plan on posting depletion work outs when I start them up on Wednesday.

Hope everyone’s days have been rocking and always remember to relax about this fitness stuff sometimes, because it’s not all that serious if you have invested your time properly.

7 more days, tick tock


Pancake Diet… also 8 days out

They are glorious, golden and go down is a river of syrup.

Ohhhhhhh the gainz

Pancakes are awesome and sometimes you just need to crush some

Today marks 8 days out from my show and let’s just say my test carb feeding was boss.

Went something like this

2 Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bagels w/ cream cheese

3 Cracker Barrel Pancakes (if you don’t have a cracker barrel near you, let me take you out sometime to enjoy Arkansas the right way)

3 strips of turkey bacon and 2 eggs

50g pure pro

Half of a Marketside 12″ pepperoni pizza

Double dipped Peanuts 15 pieces 

Special K cookies and cream pastry crisps ( they were OH so special)

and some ice cream with a cone

So yeah, 350g of carbs, just under a 100g of fat (oh poop) and 155g of protein (which was right on the money)

Today’s Training

Bro day

Triplet 1

  • Barbell curls 
  • French Press
  • DB lateral raises

Triplet 2

  • Cable flies
  • Cable push downs
  • Cable curls

Triplet 3

  • Pull ups
  • Hammer curls
  • Incline push ups

Freaking awesome day. Got to work on a few guys poses today and got to practice quite a bit myself.

This is something that should not be looked over by anyone imo. Learning how the muscles look from different angles and directions is an awesome trait to hold. Because you will be always ready to show your physique in the best light or carry your bodies fame in the manor that make you look the best.

Practice, practice, practice. Don’t ever take the way you present your body for granted.

And after all that practice, go eat some pancakes and enjoy all the magic that is within.

11 days away

Water, water, err where

Drinking 2 gallons of water right now and let’s just say when you hydrate this much you are in el bano a lot.

I’m water loading this week to

a. stay hydrated through these final workouts

b. get used to that much water (less chance of having a bloat gut going into next week)

c. helps deal with any hungry I might have (none to this point)

I will drink 2 gallons all the way until Wednesday of next week where I will drop it back to a gallon.


Today was pull day, which is pretty much a back day

Pull ups 5 x10

One arm dumbbell row 80 lbs 3 x10

Hammer Strength High Row 275lbs 3 x 10

Dumbbell pull overs 65lbs 3 x 10

Facepulls 130lbs 3 x 12

Seated preacher curls 90lbs 3 x 12




222 g of Protein

108 g of Carbs

38 g of Fat

22 g of Fiber


Today was good over all. Had a few tired moments here and there but nothing like last year. Everything is going much smoother.

Set up my posing practice with a local coach, just to critique things I could be doing better. That will be good times come Thursday.

Now for 2 back to back depletion days of getting even lower than my 100g of carbs from today.


Wish me luck and enjoy your day!